Dean's Message

The mission of the universities is to educate people who are in need of scientific researches and as well as to educate human resources in the superior quality of our country, to create scientific staff, to create an outstanding place and individuals in the international information platform, contributing to the process of enrichment of cultural and economic life.

Nowadays, it is possible to meet the expert knowledge required by contemporary technologists, especially in the field of engineering, and qualified undergraduate education programs. For this purpose, the importance of universities and engineering faculties arises in the provision of qualified human resources in the field of engineering and research, the development of university-industry cooperation and thus the increase of the science and technological capacity of our country.

The Faculty Of Engineering and Natural Sciences aims to educate the people of the information age who are able to learn, understand, interpret and apply the basic concepts, to research, question, analyze and synthesize the habit of scientific thinking and to think critically in accordance with all the sensitivities and targets of our country with its distinguished and dynamic teaching staff and interdisciplinary. Our mission is to develop personal intellectual depth in different fields of study; to provide access to information by conducting scientific research; to provide effective training for the career in education, research, industry, and management; and to improve the students ' communication and leadership skills. For this reason, we update our purpose and training programs to meet the needs of our young people in our faculty, in order to expand their horizons, to reveal their productivity and to make them more productive in scientific and technical fields.

On this occasion, I wish success to all academic and administrative staff of our faculty, and I would like to express my love to our beloved students with the heartfelt feelings of hope that their dreams will come true.

Professor Dr. İsmail Küçük