General Information


Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Faculty of Education has started education in the 2011-2012 academic year. Our aim: to produce science in the field of education; produce information; meeting the educational needs of the community, solving educational problems and ensuring their continued development; to contribute to the development of the education system, the society and the country by educating the idealist teachers who can use modern teaching techniques skillfully and integrated with the culture of the society; to solve the existing problems of our education system and to bring the contemporary developments into the world.

In the age of rapid change and development of information, communication and technology, the level of development is measured by the importance they place on education, informatics and education systems. Training faculties are also a scientific means to solve problems of education systems, to continuously improve them and to operate the system. The value and importance of the education faculties increases day by day, and their duties are constantly increasing. As we are aware of this, we are endeavoring to fulfill our task better day by day. Our faculty continues to develop academic and technological infrastructure in order to educate individuals who are self-confident, thinking, productive, and able to comment, guarantee our future.

In this context, there was a chapter in the faculty of ours, this year we have also established the sixth.

These are:

  1. English Language Teaching
  2. Arabic Language Teaching
  3. Educational Sciences/Guidance and Psychologic Counseling
  4. Primary/Pre-School Education Teaching
  5. Turkish Language Teaching  
  6. Special Education/Gifted Education Teaching 
  7. Primary School Teaching 
  8. Primary Mathematics Teaching

There are also to make minor and double major among the sections of our own departments and many other faculties.

In addition to normal foreign language courses at our university, English, Arabic, Ottoman and Russian language courses are offered free of charge by our instructors throughout the year.

All kinds of support and assistance for our students to participate in the Farabi and Erasmus programs are also ongoing.

As IZU Faculty of Education, we are always on the side of our students and in their efforts to prepare for life, to find a job, to develop and advance their profession, in the process of education and after graduation.

We also have three graduate programs in the fields of 'Educational Administration and Supervision', 'Guidance and Psychological Counseling' and 'Family Counseling and Education' in the Department of Educational Sciences at our Faculty. In the Department of English Language Teaching, the 'English Language Education' graduate degree; PhD programs in 'English Language and Literature' are being conducted. Our efforts to open graduate and doctoral programs in other departments are continuing rapidly.

We congratulate our valuable students who prefer our faculty, and I believe that you will achieve your short, medium and long term goals in an environment of tolerance and peace, and that you will always be happy and successful in life. I say welcome to all of you.