Dean's Message

Dear Students,

In the economic developments of countries, the quantity and quality of the information possessed have an important place. The most advanced socio-economic societies of our time are called "Information Society" and their economic understanding is called "Knowledge-Based Economies". Knowledge-based economies each sit on four pillars of the production, use, dissemination, and development of knowledge. These are;

•    The economic and institutional model that encourages welfare increase, use of information supporting growth, dissemination and impact.

•    An educated and skilled population who can use and create information.

•    A system of innovation created by firms, universities, consultancy and other institutions that can be fed from growing global knowledge, adapt it to local needs and transform the value produced by the markets.

•    A dynamic information infrastructure enabling effective communication.

The Faculty of Business and Management Sciences continues its R&D and teaching activities with a young, dynamic and internationally experienced academic staff in terms of Turkey's "Information Society" required for achieving the objectives for the improvement of the socio-economic and human infrastructure. The inspiration from Professor Sabahattin Zaim, the Grandmaster of Scholars gave his name to the university, constitutes our most important motivation in all the scientific activities carried out.

Our aim is to educate people who produce science, serve humanity, equipped, shaping the future, internalized the values of our civilization, virtuous and leading people. Each department is performing successfully in its own lane in order to become a faculty which is rapidly developing with its academic and physical infrastructure and fulfilling all the requirements of being a research university.

Instead of simply providing information to our students, alternative programs are offered to improve their interests and skills, giving them the ability to think creatively and do independent research to understand and solve the problems they face, to protect against potential risks and to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Best regards,

Professor. Dr. İbrahim Güran YUMUŞAK