General Information

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Faculty of Business and Management Sciences;

- Understand the importance of the rapidly changing and evolving management science, global competition, enterprise and entrepreneurship that make our world a better and more livable place,

- To be able to research and implement business management information and applications,

- Aims to graduate individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills, addressing the current and future needs of the business world and society,

- In short, it is a faculty that gives "a good education promise" to all its students. 


Students are accepted to Business Administration, Economics, International Trade and Finance and Islamic Economics and Finance departments within our faculty. All of the lecturers who teach in these departments have academic experience at international level and they have had important scientific publications and activities in their fields. We have a management team that will create synergies by bringing these two together in an important way that completes the academic cadre of young, dynamic and experienced peers. It has a project-oriented vision for the future of the nation, whose backs are based on tradition. 


All faculties in our faculty offer a wide selection of courses depending on the interests of the students. Besides the university elective courses, about half of the 8-semester program consists of elective courses as department elective and general elective. The most important advantage for the students is that they can have a deep specialization if they take all the courses from their own departments, but also have the opportunity to easily do minors and double major if they take lessons from the departments they are interested in or outside the faculty.

There are both Turkish and English programs in the Islamic Economy and Finance department. The Department of International Trade and Finance contains a minimum of 30% in English, while the Department of Business and Economics is 100% in English. Students who want to improve their foreign language can increase this rate as they wish, and even those who wish can take optional preparatory education with the scholarship they have won. In this context, the English Preparatory class is compulsory for departments with 30% and 100% English education. In addition, all of our students are given free English, Arabic and Ottoman lessons within the scope of the goal of teaching 3 languages to every student at our university.


Our faculty, in accordance with the quality policies of our university, is based on "quality oriented" work in all its activities. The basic elements that constitute our quality policy in accordance with this aim are:
 • To be a pioneer and leader in education and research by adhering to our tradition;
 • To ensure the satisfaction of all the staff, primarily our students and employees;
 • Guiding effective resource use, sustainability, and continuous improvement;
 • Supporting and disseminating entrepreneurship and innovation;
 • Conduct our activities in accordance with international education standards and relevant legislative requirements.