Physical Sciences - Programs

Graduate programs under Physical Sciences specifically explore the scientific study of the inorganic world. As a branch of natural science, physical science attempts to explain and predict phenomenal through empirical evidence and testable theories which enable a graduate to gain skills and confidence in the field.

Master’s degree in Physical Sciences as the first level of graduate study specifically focuses on providing additional knowledge, skills, and competence to a student who has already finished his or her bachelor’s degree program in the field. The student who completes one of these programs is considered to have specialized training in a specific area which includes analytical, evaluation and practical application skills.

Doctorate programs under Physical Sciences are advanced research programs in which the students obtain an exclusive qualification in a specific field of physical science. The students in a particular field are expected to conduct advanced researches and develop solutions to the problems currently facing the world through extensive research and experiments.

In both Master’s and doctorate programs, each student is assigned an academic supervisor to guide academically and help him/her during the research and writing process.