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Dear Youth,

In the world and the country we live in, everything changes rapidly. Leading fact among the most prominent factors playing a crucial role in this transformation is "knowledge and science".

Established by the "good people" enamored of the path of science and knowledge, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University's main priority is to provide its students with higher education and training of world standards depending on their needs, to provide a wide research basis for its academic personnel in their related fields and to put our achieved knowledge into service primarily in our country and to the whole world.

Our students are excelled from the point of their individuality and professions thanks to the educational system of our university, quality of our academic personnel, program contents and the social campus environment; they are educated to become individuals at peace with themselves who have a personality of a leader, produce information, solve problems, conduct questioning and analyzing, and are prepared for the future.

The future of Turkey and the world will be determined by the quality of education which today's youth shall receive. We are looking forward to seeing you amongst us who are preparing for building a better future enthusiastically on regional and global level in a research environment and with our academic personnel; faculties, institutes and research centers we have established and programs we have prepared.

rektör prof. ahmet cevt acar 

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat Acar