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Dear Young Friends,

Our University was founded to be able to look at the world with a universal perspective; to know what it wants, to plan where it will go, and to comprehend the purpose it will serve.

IZU is the name of a civilization run. The will and accumulation of our half-century founding waqf, which has emerged as a product of our country’s being at the crossroads in our scientific, artistic and intellectual lives, transformed into a university in 2011.

IZU, which internalizes the values of our civilization; produces science; serves the humanity, is well-equipped; shapes the future; and sets out on a journey to raise virtuous and leading people, has come to the point of becoming an international research university in a short time.

In addition to the education provided, IZU contributes to you, young people, in the areas of culture, art and sports, in shaping a life that you want. You will be able to actualize the student activities to improve and mature yourselves in this unique campus, and thus to become strong individuals who can make their own decisions.

Preparing our students for life, making them one step ahead by organizing internship, career and development programs before they graduate is one of the issues to which we attach importance as much as education. Because growing up in a bowl inside the campus, detached from the conditions of life and country will not give positive results, we are conducting studies together to overcome this.

It is also important for post-graduation to increase your education to a higher league with our master’s and doctoral programs.

In a university where young people, who are open to the world that blends science and wisdom; questioning; and also familiar with the idea of innovation, are educated, we carry the ideal of creating a youth that act with the motto ‘for a person, there is only reward for what he/she works,’ love people, and struggle for the principles that they believe in.

Are you ready to involve in this excitement together?


IZU Chairman of the Board of Trustee