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Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University returned to university as the Turkey  second in the 2017 Turkish Inter-University 70M Archery Championship.

188 archery participated to championship from 52 universities. The championship ended with a final shot and a wide awards ceremony on 13 May Saturday.

Archery Competition formed with eight different categories. Women’s Classic Team and Women Roller Team won Turkey Second achievement in the championship. Roller Man’s Team and Roller Mix Team completed to championship as a fourth.

Afra Aydın, Fatmanur Özkan and Meryem Kutlu represented to IZU in the Roller Women’s Team and Hilalnur Özçırak, Beyzagül Yıldırım and Sümeyye Örs represented to IZU in the Women’s Classic Team. Thus İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Archery Team achieved ‘Second Turkey’ in two different categories.

İZÜ Okçuluk Takımı İZÜ Okçuluk Takımı