Health, Culture and Sports Department was established with Hıgher Education Law 46 47 article. The Department of Health, Culture and Sports aim to meet the social needs of the students and staff, including; the protection of physical and mental health, nutrition, recreation and leisure time. For this purpose, the Department of Health, Culture and Sports is responsible for the construction and operation of canteen, cafeteria, meeting and conference rooms, sports facilities, health facilities in proportion to the general facilities and budget possibilities of the university.

In this direction, Health, Culture and Sports Department targets  to make the best use of social, cultural and sports activities, counseling and guidance services for students and to conduct research and implementation in order to facilitate the vital activities of disabled students and to support education and training at the same time.



. To plan, conduct and supervise students, academic and administrative staff, health, culture and sports services.

. To provide services to students in the fields of scholarship and credit, nutrition, accommodation, work, rest and leisure, and transportation and employment.

. To provide follow-up, editing and delivery of statistical information to relevant places,

. To ensure that the available resources such as people and materials are used in the most appropriate and efficient way in order to fulfill service activities economically and effectively,

. Providing information flow by controlling the activities of connected units and transmitting the results to General Secretary.

. Establish, execute and develop an effective recording and file system within the unit.

. To prepare the annual work programs in cooperation with the relevant units, to present the General Secretariat,

. Ensuring that subordinates understand the specified policies and the implementation of the specified activities.

. To set goals and standards for the future with personnel, place, materials and other resources assigned to the unit for the execution, direction and evaluation of unit activities,

. Providing necessary guidance for subordinates, coordinating subordinates work, and helping when necessary.

. To examine, evaluate and approve the recommendations on personnel movements communicated to him by his subordinates.

. To present the General Secretary to identify the tasks, powers and responsibilities related to the current staff, and to identify any changes in the special qualifications required to be assigned to these staff positions.

. To establish a consistent and coordinated communication and cooperation arrangement between the staff at the front and the staff of the other units with organic duties, to present the Secretary General for approval.

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