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Department of Corporate Communication and Promotion

About Us

Department of Corporation and Promotion prepares effective publicity projects for the promotion of the university. The department reports its plans to the Board of Trustees and the General Secretary monthly.


Our Staff


İsmail AKTAŞ
, Chief 

Telephone: 0 (212) 692 96 32 
E- Mail:

Muhammet KILIÇER, Publicity Coordinator

Telephone: 0 (212) 692 89 48

Mehmet Yusuf ALTUN
, Publicity 

Telephone 0 (212) 692 96 63

Emin SEZGİN, Publicity 
Telephone: 0 (212) 692 96 14

Erhan YALUR, Graphic Artist

Telephone: 0 (212) 692 96 33


Our Services

  • To plan publicity and public relation activities
  • To improve the brand value of the university
  • To organize campaigns for communication and marketing
  • To coordinate the planning and production of internal and external publicity materials
  • To plan graphic designs for internal and external organizations
  • To plan administrative and academic organizations
  • To coordinate communication between students, student's parents and graduating students
  • To determine web and social media contents of the university