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Foundation and Operations

The Senate is the highest academic body of the University. It consist of the following:

The Rector, who serves as the President of the committee; vice-rectors, deans of the faculties, a representative faculty member from each faculty who is elected every three years by the faculty boards and, the directors of institutes. The Rector can call the Senate for meeting when necessary.


To decide on the principles of education, scientific research and academic publishing,

To prepare draft laws and regulations that concern the entirity of the university or make comments regarding the proposals,

To propose regulations which shall be published in the Official Gazette upon the approval of the Rector.

To discuss and approve the university's annual academic curriculum and calendar

To present honorary academic titles sua sponte or by taking proposals of the faculty boards into consideration without subjecting recipient to any examination,

To elect members for the University’s Administrative Board,

To perform other legal duties,

Members of The Senate

Prof. Mehmet BULUT
Rector / President

Prof. İbrahim GÜNEY          

Prof. Nasuh Uslu    

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Güran YUMUŞAK 
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Dean

Prof. İsmail KÜÇÜK          
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dean

Prof. Mustafa ATEŞ
Faculty of Law, Acting Dean 

Prof. Mehmet Emin KÖKTAŞ              
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Acting Dean 

Prof. Hasan Kamil YILMAZ
Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Acting Dean 

Prof. İbrahim GÜNEY          
Faculty of Education, Acting Dean

Prof. Nasuh USLU    
Faculty of Health Sciences, Acting Dean 

Prof. Ali GÜNEŞ
Acting Director, Graduate Education Institute

Faculty of Education, Senator

Prof. Hasan YETİM         
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Senator

Prof. İzzet ER     
Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Senator

Prof. Rukiye Pınar BÖLÜKTAŞ
Faculty of Health Sciences, Senator

Prof. Metin TOPRAK 
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Senator

Associate Professor Dr. Erhan İÇENER     
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Senator

Assistant Professor Ali Emrah BOZBAYINDIR 
Faculty of Law, Senator