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Administrative Board

Foundation and Operations

The Administrative Board of the University is an assistant body for the Rector at administrative activities and it consist of the following:

Rector, who serves as the president of the committee; Deans of faculties and three professors who represent the various departments and fields of institutions, selected by the senate every four years. The Rector calls the Administrative Board to meeting when necessary. Vice-rectors can attend board meetings but are not entitled to vote.


To assist the Rectorate in the implementation of the decisions of upper higher education institutions and the senate, in line with the determined plans and programs

To oversee the implementation of plans and programs

To examine the investment programs and budget drafts, considering the proposals of the administrative units of the university, and presenting it to the Rectorate with their own recommendations,

To decide on the issues that the Rector brings forward regarding the university administration,

To examine and conclude objections to the decisions of the faculty and institute boards,

To perform other legal duties,


Administrative Board

Prof. Ahmet Cevat ACAR, Rector / President

Prof. İsmail KÜÇÜK, Vice Rector

Prof. İbrahim GÜNEY, Vice Rector

Prof. Dr. Erhan İÇENER, Vice Rector

Prof. Mehmet Emin KÖKTAŞ, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean

Prof. İbrahim GÜNEY, Faculty of Education, Dean

Prof. Mustafa ATEŞ, Faculty of Law, Dean

Prof. Hasan Kamil YILMAZ, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Dean

Prof. İbrahim Güran YUMUŞAK, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Dean

Prof. İsmail KÜÇÜK, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Dean

Prof. Ayşe Nefise BAHÇECİK, Faculty of Health Sciences, Dean

Prof. Mustafa Zahit SERARSLAN, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Dean

Prof. Nizamettin ERDURAN, Professor Representative

Prof. Beytullah KAYA, Professor Representative

Prof. Halil KALABALIK, Professor Representative

Sadettin KILIÇTAŞ, General Secretary, Reporter