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Erasmus+ Policy Statement

Mobility activities will contribute to the internationalization of the institutions taking part in the Erasmus program. As a newly established university in 2010 İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is eager to achieve certain level of student and staff exchange in order to develop multilateral cooperation, an understanding of education compatible with the best European standards and recent innovations.

Without a certain level of mobility and internationalization higher education institutions could not follow global developments. Aware of this fact, İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University like most others aims to increase student and staff mobility. Those mobilized students and staff are expected to develop a vision of multilateralism, cooperation, and innovation. By visiting other universities throughout the Europe they can share our own experience with others and bring back to their universities what they observed elsewhere.

On the level of staff exchange, we are developing specific projects in the fields of Political Science, Business Administration, and Education. In political science the focus will be on Europeanization. A study group, like a workshop, will be developed and through reciprocal visits different experiences of Europeanization will be shared among the participant institutions. In the field of Business a project on marketing in Europe will be developed. Lastly in the field of Education we are planning to focus on preschool teaching.

On the level of student exchange we are attempting to increase the number of bilateral agreements in order to improve the quality and increase the volume of mobility.