Message from Director

Dear Students,

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Institute of Social Sciences started its activities in spring semester 2011-2012 academic year.

The Institute has started its work with graduate and doctoral programs in Educational Administration and Supervision, and plans to start many graduate programs in social sciences in theforthcoming years.

In a rapidly changing world in terms of information, communication and technology, knowledge loses itstimeliness in a short period of time, which makes the lifelong learning process compulsory.

These emerging conditions also make it inevitable to raise individuals who "know how to learn".

Today, it is insufficient to define human beings as purely biological, psychological and social beings, and it is becoming a necessity to educate individuals in the e-human model that has adopted informative communication and technology and can use these tools effectively.

As the Institute of Social Sciences, it is our main principle to educate our students as scientists as creative and original thinkers who have scientific responsibility, respect ethical values, have developmental and progressive purposes, use information as a tool of knowledge, enrich their theoretical knowledge they have acquired with practical applications.

Our institute is ready to educate its students according to the specified qualifications with its strong, dynamic, academic infrastructure and faculty members who are equipped in their field.

Our post-graduate education has a flexible, rich and dynamic structure in order to provide a diversity of courses and an interdisciplinary perspective.

Lastly, we invite the students who have the purpose of serving the community and the world of science and who are in the process of achieving the above-mentioned goals, to do post-graduate education at our institute.

Prof. Ömer ÇAHA

Director of Institute of Social Sciences