Aims and Scope

The economic and fiscal progress that Turkey has experienced in the last 10 years helped İstanbul to be more visible as a financial center in the world. Also, well-known historical legacy and culture of İstanbul is important in the prestigious position the city holds in the eyes of the Islamic Finance Institutions. In Turkey, after a break that lasted a century, the attempts of returning to the main roots resulted with an increase in interest towards Turkey by the states/populations of the Middle East, Balkans/Danube, Caucasus, North Africa and Middle Asia. In such an important period, the absence of studies on the area of Islamic Economics and Finance in which Turkey carries natural historical and cultural bonds made it obligatory to publish this journal. 
Under this responsibility, acknowledging the need of institutional approach to Islamic Economics and Finance in Turkey, the International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance is established by İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. In order to satisfy this need and to carry the researches to a broader range, our center with the aid of Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB), decided to publish the Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (JIEF).
Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (ISSN 2149-3820) welcomes and acknowledges theoretical and empirical original studies that will contribute to the field of Islamic economics, finance and banking. It is our main principle to publish open-minded studies which acknowledge the centuries-long applications and re-evaluate them within new concepts, thinking methods. 
Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal is published by the International Research and Study Center of Islamic Economics and Finance. The journal accepts scholarly articles in Turkish, English and Arabic languages. 
IZU, International Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance
Mehmet BULUT İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
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Mustafa ÇAKIR İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Turgay GEÇER İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Z. Hafsa Orhan ASTRÖM İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
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Cem KORKUT Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Eren YILDIRIM İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
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